Monday, June 25, 2007

Tagged about Jesus

OK, I'm not quite certain how this works, but I got "tagged" into this entry! The assigned topic is "5 Things I Dig About Jesus."
1. Jesus reveals that God is not about rules but a sincere, other-centered love that doesn't want to slam people but rescue them.
2. Jesus knew when he was tired - and he also knew when to put that on hold (two things I struggle with!)
3. Jesus had a "yes" face - this refers to a sermon illustration which I won't relate, but you get the picture. So why does the church so often have a "no" face?
4. JESUS APPARENTLY TOOK THE EQUALITY OF WOMEN AS A MATTER OF OBVIOUS FACT. (Equal in God's sight; equally sinful, equally in need of a Savior, equally able in the church by the power of the Spirit)
5. Jesus knew the dangers but didn't let fear rule him (another one of those things I struggle with!)